Weddingplanner for 1 day

You organize your wedding and Excellence Weddings & Events ensures a smoothless process on your wedding day..

You really enjoyed preparing your wedding but now D-Day is coming closer you start thinking of giving out the control to a professional weddingplanner. On your wedding day you should be able to fully enjoy each other, family and friends without having to worry about time schedules, tiny details, eventual small issues,...

Taken uit handen geven

Excellence Weddings & Events will take over all control so you won't have the worry about a thing! Together we'll make a script, where the process of your wedding day has been described untill the tiniest details. Like this your weddingplanner is able to ensure a smooth process of the ceremony and party. You get to relax and enjoy all day long!

Excellence Weddings & Events will in advance contact your vendors and the venue to confirm all made agreements.

Excellence Weddings: your intermediator

On the wedding day we operate as the intermediator for all parties involved: venue, vendors, family, friends and obviously especially yours.

We respect the time schedule and make sure everybody is right on time. We assist were necessary, solve issues, welcome your guests and their gifts. We guide your guests to their tables, and so much more!

Wij guarantee a personal approach! Wij like to collaborate on your perfect wedding day!

Introductury meeting?

More questions or interested in a first appointement without obligations? Don't hesitate contacting us! We would love to help you!

Pictures: Photo4You - Bart Vandermeersche